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Tag: "smartphones"

HTC J Butterfly boasts 5-inch 440ppi Display, is your ultimate Phablet

[ 0 ] November 8, 2012
HTC J Butterfly

Think the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is sweet? Then hear this; HTC have revealed the worlds first full HD smartphone which boasts an astonishing 5-inch 1,920 x 1,080p display featuring step-back-and-gawp 440ppi (pixel- per-inch). Compare that to the iPhone retina display which has 326 pixels-per-inch and you can see where all of this enthusiasm from myself is coming from. The display is Super LCD 3 too, making it not only incredibly crisp, but it’ll also feature fantastic color reproduction and the blacks should be almost pitch. 1.5Ghz of Awesome, 4G LTE for liquid browsing Powering that amazing display will be a Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5GHz [...]

5 Excellent Smartphones for Business Users

[ 0 ] October 19, 2012
iphone 5

Today’s high-end phone technology has brought unlimited potential to the business world. Businessmen need a phone which gains access to a top-notch security features and applications in order to protect their confidential files. User-friendly data exchange, easy-to-use keyboard (hardware or software), slim and sleek design to fit into the pocket, fast web browsing and smooth performance with a great camera can be considered as plus points. Businesses usually prefer phones that have nifty accessories and impressive dual-core power with a long battery life. The worldwide business executives need to manage their time and documents to secure their overall performance and [...]

HTC One X+ Announced With 1.7GHz Tegra 3, 64GB Storage, and Larger Battery

[ 0 ] October 4, 2012

HTC have announced the One X+ which features a faster 1.7GHZ Tegra 3 processor, 64GB Storage, and larger battery than last years ‘One X’ model. Less than a year after releasing One X, HTC announces a follow-up to their flagship phone. The HTC One X+ is essentially a beefier version of the original with some upgraded specs. The new flagship device packs a faster processor, more memory, a healthier battery, and a slightly improved front-facing camera. Most hardware specifications are retained though; not that there’s anything to complain about. The smartphone is powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor clocked [...]

Next Generation Ultrabooks will Feature same Sensors as Tablets, Smartphones

[ 0 ] August 1, 2012

If you haven’t gotten on the Ultrabook bandwagon yet it’s time you did, because ever since Intel trademarked the term not so long back practically all mainstream PC manufacturers have released a super light, super thin and massively powerful laptop all deemed as worthy as wearing the ‘Ultra’ tag. Current generation Ultrabooks such as the Asus Zenbook, HP Folio 13 and Toshiba Portege offerings are great Ultrabooks on the market currently, however what we are most excited about is the next generation of Ultrabook, of which will apparently feature the same sensors as found in tablet PC’s and smartphones, according to this blog post. Next generation [...]

Clamcase Announces New Clambook Smartphone Laptop Dock (PR)

[ 0 ] June 6, 2012

If you have been on the lookout for a gorgeous laptock dock which is powered by your smartphone you have not exactly been spoilt for choice in recent years. Now however Clamcase have brought out the Clambook, which is a full and stunning aluminium product which looks just like a Macbook Air in appearance and some of the Intel Ultrabooks flooding the market. The Clambook is powered by your smartphone and rocks a 13.3-inch LED display and an awesome looking keyboard. We’ve included the full PR below for you to feast your eyes on. ClamCase Announces New Android and iPhone Laptop Dock [...]

Nano-SIM to Directly Replace Micro-SIM Cards

[ 0 ] June 1, 2012
nano sim

ETSI has recently approved the Nano-SIM to directly replace the now older Micro-SIM within next generation smartphone designs. The Nano-SIM, which is amazingly 40% smaller than the Micro-SIM, will allow handset manufacturers to essentially create even thinner and smaller smartphone’s and tablets in the near future. Both Motorola and Apple put their designs forth to ETSI for review, however at this time we’re unsure of which one was picked over the other until exact specifications surrounding the new Nano-SIM are revealed. Overall the Nano-SIM is a solid move forward in the world of SIM-Cards. This new one measures just  just 12.3 [...]

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