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Buying Gadgets and Tech on Finance: What’s to know?

[ 0 ] October 10, 2012
galaxy s3

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. We all love them and we all want specific ones, however in order to get the very latest technology one must cough up sometimes significant money first. The latest and best smartphones on the market for example cost in excess of £400, and tablet computers with a display larger than 7-inches cost upwards of £300. For a lot of people fulfilling their electronics dreams is very hard when products have high price tags, but across the UK there is a growing trend amongst consumers which aims to get the latest tech in to a persons pocket without it having [...]

Apple’s New iPad 2 Case Looks Great

[ 0 ] March 3, 2011
Gadgets Blog smartcover

The iPad 2 got announced last night and as always got crazy coverage across the world. After watching about one minute of Steve Job’s keynote speech (I got bored) I returned an hour later to see something all round better than the iPad 2 itself. Held on magnetically, the official iPad 2 ‘case’ covers just the screen and uses 3 blocks of plastic covered in fabric, which allows you to peel them back in to a triangle and use it as a stand. Pretty cool, huh? Hit up the video to see what’s what. Best iPad 2 cases

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