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Tag: "docking station"

iPhone Rifle Dock lets you shoot the bad guys

[ 0 ] June 23, 2011
appblaster rifle

By the power of Grayskull! We finally have an iPhone Rifle dock similar to the Wii remote version, and it even allows you to shoot without having to touch your capacitive finger print magnet display in the process of killing bad guys. You have Apptoyz to thank for this wonderful gadget, who’s appBlaster rifle iPhone dock is an accessory designed specifically for use with the company’s very own Alien Attack iOS game, meaning unfortunately it is only compatiblle with the game in question. All that is needed from you guys (and girls) is for you to slide your iPhone in [...]

Cedar iPod Dock: Woody Hell!

[ 0 ] August 9, 2010
ipod dock

For all the people in the world who tend to walk in to a PC World whilst looking for an iPod / iPhone dock, whilst saying ‘meh’ at the modern designs of some, Cedar have a solution for you – how about a docking station that looks like half a log with some dressing cabinet handles on? Thats basically what this looks like. The process is simple, just plug your iPod Touch or iPhone directly into the dock and it’ll play your music all while giving your phone a bit of a charge whilst docked. The dock is handmade out [...]

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