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7 Fantastic Smartphone Applications for Professionals

[ 0 ] October 26, 2012
Smartphone apps for professionals

  With apps becoming more powerful increasingly companies are using them as tools to improve their overall business or to simplify tasks which otherwise would be complicated. Apps offer a fantastic opportunity for consumers and businesses alike to perform tasks more efficiently than ever before and that especially rings true whilst on the move, where turn back ten years ago and 3G connectivity was a myth dreamt up by tech enthusiasts. So, then, let’s take a look at seven apps which could very well be your next business tool. Evernote Talking about Evernote, it is an app that plays a prominent part [...]

Supporting Devices and Gadgets in a Company

[ 0 ] October 17, 2012
business gadgets and devices

  Companies often need to make decision based on latest developments in technology and recently Yahoo has made just such a choice. In Business Insider it was discussed that employees at the search engine giant will have the choice between a variety of smart phones as part of their employment benefits: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC brands or the Nokia Lumia 920. Benefits also include data and phone bills. Support for Blackberry phones has been ended as well. These are the types of decisions that companies must make on a regular basis and it is important to keep abreast [...]

Databases, making life easier for businesses

[ 0 ] October 1, 2012
data centre

Compared to other computer technologies, databases are fairly old. First creating in the 1960s, databases provide a means of accessing data more quickly than with standard file structures. Their work, however, happens behind the scenes, and users rarely know that they are accessing databases. Here are some of the ways that databases make life easier. Almost everyone who uses the Internet is familiar with search engines. What many do not think about, however, is how these search engines work. After crawling the Internet and looking for new pages, search engine algorithms rank websites and place them in some of the [...]

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