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Getting Started With Tapjoy

[ 0 ] January 29, 2014 |


For those of you who don’t already know, Tapjoy is a platform that connects three groups of people by offering them the right tools to accomplish their goals. The groups in question are Mobile Users, App Developers, and Advertisers. The way Tapjoy works is this: app users get to try premium content in exchange for engaging in mobile apps advertising, developers gain bigger exposure for their apps, and advertisers hope to reap the benefits by offering some of the content for free.

Until recently, in smart phone and mobile device technology, these three groups of people rarely had a chance to meet: app users were busy putting their mobile phone applications to good use, developers were preoccupied inventing new apps hoping to become the next Angry Birds, and advertisers were trying to find the best place to market their apps. This all changed when Tapjoy entered the market. Now the three groups can work together towards a mutually beneficial outcome; in essence, Tapjoy makes it possible for them to connect with one another.

To learn more how it works and if you’re interested in signing up, you can visit Tapjoy on Facebook. There is also some intuitive videos at the Tapjoy Youtube channel.

To sign up, simply choose the group you identify yourself with (developers, advertisers, or discover) and follow the link from the main page of Tapjoy to proceed with the sign-up process. And remember to enjoy yourself every step of the way!

There are many more online resources where you will find plenty of further reading on the subject of monetizing mobile apps, which is a major development in the mobile technology world. Here’s somewhere you might like to start:

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