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How This Gadget Can Save Your Life

[ 0 ] December 31, 2013
Cloud Cig

The dangers of smoking tobacco have been well documented. In recent years, the tobacco companies have had to start putting warning labels on their products to ensure that consumers are aware of the possible negative effects cigarette smoking may have. Though the companies had been aware of it for decades, they kept the information hidden from the public. Though many people were able to give up the habit once the truth was told, a large number of people find that they are still addicted to tobacco. In an effort to help people break their addiction to cigarettes, many different aids [...]

Getting Techy with Business: Five Gadgets to Improve Your Business Performance

[ 0 ] December 31, 2013
Logiutech Ultrathin Mouse

With the invention of so many new technologies to improve work performance, networking and task-managing abilities, it was only a matter of time before these technologies entered businesses. Nowadays, there are many gadgets designed specifically for increasing your performance either as an employee of a business, or as the operator of the business itself. With things being the way they are, you’d be crazy not to enter the market for some techy equipment to help you along. Read on to find out about some of the best deals you can get in terms of gadgets and technology for your business! [...]

Where Smartphones and Offices Collide: Apps to Help You at Work

[ 0 ] December 31, 2013
Smartphone Apps for Offices

There are many wonderful things about the changes to our phones that smartphone technology has given us. We can surf the web, check our Facebook accounts, play games, listen to music and all sorts of other amazing things, all on something that fits into our palm. Understandably enough, many bosses would see these sorts of activities as an unwanted distraction that reduces productivity. It doesn’t need to be this way though, and by reading on you’ll find out how some workers are making themselves even more productive than usual with the help of their palm-sized guardian angels! 1. Evernote The [...]

Rule the Kitchen with these must-have Gadgets

[ 0 ] June 4, 2013
Ultimate Swiss Army cocktail knife

Maybe you’re a workaholic and you’re in the halls of a heavy takeaway addiction, or you’ve simply come to the realisation that no matter how hard you try to speak cockney whilst boiling the pasta, you’re no Jamie Oliver. Never fear, all is not lost. Here are some gadgets that’ll help you to re-master your kitchen in no time at all. Ultimate Swiss Army cocktail knife Whether you’ve spent 5 years at bartender school and have become a skilled mixer, or you’re drunkenly preparing some Gin and Tonics at 3am for your flatmates, it’d be nigh on impossible to mess [...]

Let’s get cloudy: how using the cloud can help you

[ 0 ] April 26, 2013
The Cloud

Cloud computing seems to be everywhere all of a sudden. Not just as an actual online provider, but as a concept, a buzzword, a vague reference to something you don’t quite understand but just accept because it probably doesn’t have anything to do with you anyway.  Well, you’re wrong on that point. It’s easy to switch off in the face of techno jargon, but it’s important to put some thought into the potential for cloud computing to reshape the way you live your life.  Here we take a brief look at 8 major ways cloud computing will rock your world [...]

Smart Watches, have you Bought One Yet?

[ 0 ] January 24, 2013
Pebble Smartwatch

Smartwatches are tipped to be the next big thing, but do you even know what one is? Numerous tech companies have now released one, with others likely to follow. Have you bought yourself a smart watch yet? A smartwatch is exactly what it says on the tin, a watch that is smart, and they allow you to connect your smartphone to them and receive notifications to your watches display. This eliminates the need to remove your smartphone from your pocket when it comes to basic tasks. There a number of solid smart watches available on the market right now, some [...]

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