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Gadgets Blogged covers all of the very latest gadgets from around the world and we always try our very hardest to keep you up to date. If you have something we haven't covered, or a hot gadget we may have missed you can tip us off about that here.

Rule the Kitchen with these must-have Gadgets

[ 0 ] June 4, 2013
Ultimate Swiss Army cocktail knife

Maybe you’re a workaholic and you’re in the halls of a heavy takeaway addiction, or you’ve simply come to the realisation that no matter how hard you try to speak cockney whilst boiling the pasta, you’re no Jamie Oliver. Never fear, all is not lost. Here are some gadgets that’ll help you to re-master your kitchen in no time at all. Ultimate Swiss Army cocktail knife Whether you’ve spent 5 years at bartender school and have become a skilled mixer, or you’re drunkenly preparing some Gin and Tonics at 3am for your flatmates, it’d be nigh on impossible to mess [...]

What does Windows 8 have to Offer? Four Key Features to look Forward to

[ 2 ] October 25, 2012
windows 8

In the world of desktop based operating systems Microsoft’s Windows rules the roost. Over the years they have released updated versions to its hit software all of which have been better than the last (minus Vista, naturally) and Windows 7, Microsoft’s fastest selling version of all time, is soon to be out dated by the upcoming Windows 8 due for release tomorrow on October 26th. This is an extremely exciting time for both Microsoft and consumers alike, who for a couple of months now have been able to test out Windows 8 on Microsoft’s consumer preview. Of course that particular [...]

Inkjet Printers are Dying – Step in the Laser Printer

[ 0 ] October 18, 2012
Laser Printer

The recent news that Lexmark are exiting the inkjet printing business sent shockwaves across the technology world.  Their decision to lay off over 1700 staff as part of a restructure to improve profitability cannot have been made lightly, and raises questions about the future of the printing industry.  Does this mean the printer manufacturing industry is in trouble, or is this just a smart move by Lexmark to rid them of a product which is reaching the end of its lifetime? The answer appears to point more towards the latter.  Inkjet printers have always been a low margin business, and [...]

How to transfer iTunes Songs and Files to Galaxy S2

[ 0 ] August 10, 2012
DRM Software

Apple is a pretty amazing company when you think about where they were in the 1990′s. As a failing company which many analysts predicted wouldn’t last, it wasn’t until the release of the first iPod that Apple began to reap in decent profits up until the release of next generation hardware such as the iPhone and iPad. Now, in 2012, Apple is the most valuable technology company in the world. Across all modern products, one piece of software which has been at the heart of them all has been iTunes. Whilst criticized by many as not the best media software, [...]

Next Generation Ultrabooks will Feature same Sensors as Tablets, Smartphones

[ 0 ] August 1, 2012

If you haven’t gotten on the Ultrabook bandwagon yet it’s time you did, because ever since Intel trademarked the term not so long back practically all mainstream PC manufacturers have released a super light, super thin and massively powerful laptop all deemed as worthy as wearing the ‘Ultra’ tag. Current generation Ultrabooks such as the Asus Zenbook, HP Folio 13 and Toshiba Portege offerings are great Ultrabooks on the market currently, however what we are most excited about is the next generation of Ultrabook, of which will apparently feature the same sensors as found in tablet PC’s and smartphones, according to this blog post. Next generation [...]

Clamcase Announces New Clambook Smartphone Laptop Dock (PR)

[ 0 ] June 6, 2012

If you have been on the lookout for a gorgeous laptock dock which is powered by your smartphone you have not exactly been spoilt for choice in recent years. Now however Clamcase have brought out the Clambook, which is a full and stunning aluminium product which looks just like a Macbook Air in appearance and some of the Intel Ultrabooks flooding the market. The Clambook is powered by your smartphone and rocks a 13.3-inch LED display and an awesome looking keyboard. We’ve included the full PR below for you to feast your eyes on. ClamCase Announces New Android and iPhone Laptop Dock [...]

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