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Gadgets Blogged covers all of the very latest gadgets from around the world and we always try our very hardest to keep you up to date. If you have something we haven't covered, or a hot gadget we may have missed you can tip us off about that here.

Getting Started With Tapjoy

[ 0 ] January 29, 2014

For those of you who don’t already know, Tapjoy is a platform that connects three groups of people by offering them the right tools to accomplish their goals. The groups in question are Mobile Users, App Developers, and Advertisers. The way Tapjoy works is this: app users get to try premium content in exchange for engaging in mobile apps advertising, developers gain bigger exposure for their apps, and advertisers hope to reap the benefits by offering some of the content for free. Until recently, in smart phone and mobile device technology, these three groups of people rarely had a chance [...]

Mobile Security: Five ways to Protect your Phone

[ 1 ] December 10, 2013
Mobile Security

Today, more than four billion people have a mobile device. Mobile phones are becoming indispensable to our daily lives: from shopping online, banking, or staying in touch with friends, our phones help us with everything. With this increase in use comes an increased risk; however, mobile security is often disregarded by today’s tech users – in fact, more than a third of people believe they don’t need security software on their mobile device. This, coupled with the increase in cybercriminal activity on mobile phones, could spell out major security issues in the future. Keeping your phone’s information safe is crucial [...]

Rule the Kitchen with these must-have Gadgets

[ 0 ] June 4, 2013
Ultimate Swiss Army cocktail knife

Maybe you’re a workaholic and you’re in the halls of a heavy takeaway addiction, or you’ve simply come to the realisation that no matter how hard you try to speak cockney whilst boiling the pasta, you’re no Jamie Oliver. Never fear, all is not lost. Here are some gadgets that’ll help you to re-master your kitchen in no time at all. Ultimate Swiss Army cocktail knife Whether you’ve spent 5 years at bartender school and have become a skilled mixer, or you’re drunkenly preparing some Gin and Tonics at 3am for your flatmates, it’d be nigh on impossible to mess [...]

HTC J Butterfly boasts 5-inch 440ppi Display, is your ultimate Phablet

[ 0 ] November 8, 2012
HTC J Butterfly

Think the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is sweet? Then hear this; HTC have revealed the worlds first full HD smartphone which boasts an astonishing 5-inch 1,920 x 1,080p display featuring step-back-and-gawp 440ppi (pixel- per-inch). Compare that to the iPhone retina display which has 326 pixels-per-inch and you can see where all of this enthusiasm from myself is coming from. The display is Super LCD 3 too, making it not only incredibly crisp, but it’ll also feature fantastic color reproduction and the blacks should be almost pitch. 1.5Ghz of Awesome, 4G LTE for liquid browsing Powering that amazing display will be a Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5GHz [...]

7 Fantastic Smartphone Applications for Professionals

[ 0 ] October 26, 2012
Smartphone apps for professionals

  With apps becoming more powerful increasingly companies are using them as tools to improve their overall business or to simplify tasks which otherwise would be complicated. Apps offer a fantastic opportunity for consumers and businesses alike to perform tasks more efficiently than ever before and that especially rings true whilst on the move, where turn back ten years ago and 3G connectivity was a myth dreamt up by tech enthusiasts. So, then, let’s take a look at seven apps which could very well be your next business tool. Evernote Talking about Evernote, it is an app that plays a prominent part [...]

5 Excellent Smartphones for Business Users

[ 0 ] October 19, 2012
iphone 5

Today’s high-end phone technology has brought unlimited potential to the business world. Businessmen need a phone which gains access to a top-notch security features and applications in order to protect their confidential files. User-friendly data exchange, easy-to-use keyboard (hardware or software), slim and sleek design to fit into the pocket, fast web browsing and smooth performance with a great camera can be considered as plus points. Businesses usually prefer phones that have nifty accessories and impressive dual-core power with a long battery life. The worldwide business executives need to manage their time and documents to secure their overall performance and [...]

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