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Mobile Security: Five ways to Protect your Phone

[ 1 ] December 10, 2013
Mobile Security

Today, more than four billion people have a mobile device. Mobile phones are becoming indispensable to our daily lives: from shopping online, banking, or staying in touch with friends, our phones help us with everything. With this increase in use comes an increased risk; however, mobile security is often disregarded by today’s tech users – in fact, more than a third of people believe they don’t need security software on their mobile device. This, coupled with the increase in cybercriminal activity on mobile phones, could spell out major security issues in the future. Keeping your phone’s information safe is crucial [...]

Protect your iPad this Summer with a Stylish iPad Case

[ 0 ] June 18, 2012

If you have an iPad then you’ll know that your device needs love and attention in order to keep it in the very best condition. That’s because the aluminium back on the iPad isn’t scratch proof and the glass on the display isn’t blemish and crack proof, contrary to whatever you may believe right now. So what exactly should one do when they want to keep their iPad away from the elements and maintain it to within a sellable condition? Buy a solid case for it, of course, however which case is best for you will depend on your needs. Today we [...]

Clamcase Announces New Clambook Smartphone Laptop Dock (PR)

[ 0 ] June 6, 2012

If you have been on the lookout for a gorgeous laptock dock which is powered by your smartphone you have not exactly been spoilt for choice in recent years. Now however Clamcase have brought out the Clambook, which is a full and stunning aluminium product which looks just like a Macbook Air in appearance and some of the Intel Ultrabooks flooding the market. The Clambook is powered by your smartphone and rocks a 13.3-inch LED display and an awesome looking keyboard. We’ve included the full PR below for you to feast your eyes on. ClamCase Announces New Android and iPhone Laptop Dock [...]

Nano-SIM to Directly Replace Micro-SIM Cards

[ 0 ] June 1, 2012
nano sim

ETSI has recently approved the Nano-SIM to directly replace the now older Micro-SIM within next generation smartphone designs. The Nano-SIM, which is amazingly 40% smaller than the Micro-SIM, will allow handset manufacturers to essentially create even thinner and smaller smartphone’s and tablets in the near future. Both Motorola and Apple put their designs forth to ETSI for review, however at this time we’re unsure of which one was picked over the other until exact specifications surrounding the new Nano-SIM are revealed. Overall the Nano-SIM is a solid move forward in the world of SIM-Cards. This new one measures just  just 12.3 [...]

What are the best iPhone 4S cases money can buy?

[ 0 ] March 21, 2012
incipio le deux

If you have forked out and bought an iPhone 4S then chances are you’ll almost certainly want to protect it the best you can. So, then, you’ll be hunting for the best iPhone 4S cases won’t you? Well here we will be taking a look at four of the best iPhone 4S Cases money can buy at the moment, some of which look particularly nice indeed and should keep your iPhone 4S as beautiful as ever (as well as safe!). Best iPhone 4S Cases All in all, we think we’ve got you covered here, but for a more in-depth iPhone [...]

New iPad case includes a solar powered battery pack, HDMI out

[ 0 ] March 15, 2012

On the lookout for an iPad case which is as advanced as your beloved Apple tablet? Then check this out; it is called the Lilypad case (well it was, until Apple asked them to change the name of it), and it features a solar panel on the back to recharge your iPad, an iPad HDMI adapter built in, a movie stand to prop your iPad up and a keyboard stand to keep your iPad at an angle for optimum typing. The only current downside? It’s not released yet, but it will be, and the count down is already under way [...]

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