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About Us

Gadgets Blogged is a gadgets blog and website set up to write about and specialize in pretty much anything that's simply awesome! Here you'll find lots of different gadgets and also news regarding main stream gadgets which all consumers crave after.

Now unfortunately you won't find any gadgets on Gadgets Blogged which aren't of the hi-tech variety; as a technology gadget website, we cover all things to do with smartphones, tablets, pc's, vehicles and anything in between which has gadgets out for it. At this time, we're holding off on anything which doesn't have technology powering it. As a lot of blogging professionals say, stick to writing about stuff you know about.


Below you'll find some FAQ's to feast your eyes upon about Gadgets Blogged, enjoy!

Who runs this joint anyway?

Gadgets Blogged is owned and developed by myself, Jakk Ogden. Gadgets Blogged is the third website to be developed by myself after and, two websites which are very popular indeed.

Where are you based?

I personally am from and write from Yorkshire in the UK, however we cover gadgets out of multiple countries. For gadgets sold in the US, for example, you'll find that any pricing shown is in dollars and not GBP.

Why 'Blogged'?

Gadgets Blogged follows on from my first website, Technology Blogged. 'Blogged' is defined as to write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog. Our topic is gadgets, so 'Gadgets Blogged' makes sense in the long run.

Can I submit a guest post?

Sure you can! If you want to submit a guest post, please go to this link. Please note that external links from a submitted guest post must be a maximum of two, and no follow as to abide by Google Webmaster guidelines.

What are your favourite gadgets?

I personally love all gadgets, however for me my computer comes out on top because without it, I would not be writing this right now. Other favourite gadgets of mine include the iPhone, anything that stimulates my two cats, and virtual reality offerings.

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